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Care for elderly

Enroll High Risk Senior Citizens (65+ years)

It is evident that senior citizens who are suffering from chronic diseases are more prone to covid-19 thus require immidiate attention.

Help govt by identifying senior citizens with any of the following:

  • Cancer

  • Asthma

  • TB

  • Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victim

  • Undergone Transplant

  • Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Chronic lung disease

  • Liver Disease

  • HIV Positive

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Update Close Contact History

It is evident that COVID-19 is primarily transmitted from symptomatic people to others who are in close contact through respiratory droplets, by direct contact with infected persons, or by contact with contaminated objects and surfaces

Act Proactively: Prepare and submit your close contact list; whether you came or did not came in direct contact with any positive case of Covid-19.

Break the chain: Your submitted close contacts data will help govt in analyising the close contact patterns and identify ways to break the spread of Covid-19.

Be Assured: Anything you post on this website will not be published anywhere and will only be used by govt internally for controlling the pandemic.